I was getting more and more fed up with my life in London, constantly stuck in traffic, on my way to gigs, getting stressed, getting anxious, getting nowhere, I needed a change.


After several visits to a friend of mine in Southend I began to fall in love with the place and its surrounding areas.

I started having crazy thoughts about moving here.

Suddenly I was spending my life on Zoopla and Rightmove!


August of last year I finally took the plunge and bought a place in Southend.

I’ve slowly been getting gigs here and stopping most of my London work

Harmony and vocal arrangement has always been my thing and I always wanted to get a choir together in London but never had the time.


My eldest daughter Amy phoned me and told me a friend, Andi from her work had moved to Southend and i had to meet him, I obeyed orders and gave him a call.

Long story short, after a good chat and a few pints I told him about the choir idea I had and asked if he'd be interested in getting involved by taking care of all the organisational stuff that I'm so rubbish at, He said yes and the Choir was born!

Creating harmony is creating magic, Being part of it is something so special, A sound that can only be created with a group of people


I've always had the ability to bring out the best in people vocally, but above all I want this to be enjoyable for all of us, otherwise there’s no point.

I’m sure together we’ll have a lot of fun, make great music and meet great people along the way.

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